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The desire to shape and continuously optimize the sound of my instruments grew very strong over the years. I started to study the making of sitars and experimented on many instruments. Nowadays I do all neccesary repair and maintenance work on my own and offer this service to other instrument owners as well.

A big part of my knowledge was gathered spending many hours in the JK Sengupta Sitar workshop in Calcutta. I am very grateful to Jayanta and Satyaki Sengupta for sharing their knowledge with me.

J.K.Sengupta – Sitarmaker from Calcutta

Jayanta Kumar Sengupta was born and spent most of his life in Central Calcutta.
Coming from a musical family he started to play Sitar at the age of five. He has been learning the art from Ustad Jamal Hussain and later he received training from Prof. Tara Shankar Shovakar.

When his father died he faced hard times and would never have dreamed of buying a new Sitar, which he badly needed at that point. Being a selfmade man he decided to make his own instrument. With hard labour and determination he managed to build his first Sitar from scratch within ten months.

Being overwhelmed by the quality of Jayantas work his teacher suggested to continue building Sitars and offered to get him orders. Slowly orders came in and within a few years Jayanta found himself to be a Sitar manufacturer.

Jayanta was very close to the great Sitar player Pandit Gokul Nag (father of Pandit Manilal Nag) who, along with his son has been a great source of inspiration and a helping hand in every aspect of Jayantas work.

A dream came true when he had the honour to work for Ustad Vilayat Khan. Jayanta:

“….then suddenly in the year of 2002 my life was hit by a sweet ‘lightningbolt’ as I came across the legend, the aftab-e-Sitar, the Sitar Maestro Ustad Vilayet Khan Saheb. I never dreamed of doing his sitars work but definitely had the outbursting desire to do so all my life. After meeting the Legend he took an interview with me and made me do jawari and other works on a Sitar made by me. Then he gave me his son’s Sitar (Hidayat Khan) and ultimately i was led to his own magic stick (UVK´s Sitar). So my journey with the Legend began. The time I spent with him was something ‘off the edge of amazingness’. Like a kid having a roller-coaster ride at Disneyland. Besides that I made Sitars/Surbahars and Tanpuras for many artists in Calcutta and other cities of India and abroad.”
Jayanta Kumar Sengupta


J.K. Sengupta – Maker of Sitar, Surbahar and Tanpura
80/B Arabinda Sarani , Kolkata – 700005. nahe Hatibagan
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