Raga Music

The classical raga music tradition of India is one of the oldest and richest musical cultures on earth. This inexhaustible musical language based on strict grammar paired with great improvisational freedom is a main fascination since many years. Learning and practicing has become a way of life. Apart from that I am an active member of the world-jazz-formation Pulsar Trio.

Sitar Workshop

The desire to shape and continuously optimize the sound of my instruments grew very strong over the years. I started to study the making of sitars and experimented on many instruments. Nowadays I do all neccesary repair and maintenance work on my own and offer this service to other instrument owners as well.

Sound recording services

Recording sounds and music has been an important part of my musical passion ever since. As a musician i realized that my playing can improve drastically if the recording room „sounds“ good – the acoustic of the room being of significant importance on the way to a good recording. For me acoustically „lively“ rooms (like churches, staircases etc.) always worked much better than the often dry or even dead acoustics of a normal studio room. In order to record music in such settings i have a setup of mobile recording gear.

Matyas Wolter

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